2012. december 8., szombat

Without answers, yet

Sebastian Vettel had to fight his way back to the title throughout the season and throughout some single races, deserved to win the championship, maybe more than the previous two. But there were at least two other drivers that did more for it than their car would have allowed, but their effort still wasn't enough. Will any of the two Toro Rosso drivers be able to impress that much next season, that they would be considered as a possible replacement for Formula Ones new chairman by seniority, Mark Webber? (Three times world champion Sebastian Vettel is still younger than the Mark Webber making his debut in F1 with Minardi back in 2002...)

Can Ferrari afford wasting another season of the most collected driver in F1 lagging behind in the development race? Would the Prancing Horse be considered as one of the front runner teams without the skills of the Spaniard? May we see a charging Felipe Massa putting all his heart and thought-to-be-forgotten skills into the business like we have never seen him since 2009 from the very beginning of the next season supporting (threatening?) Fernando Alonso?

Will Lewis Hamilton be able to outperform his estabilished teammate in a new, foreign environment? Was it a right decision to leave the team that brought him to F1, knowing that the last champions that changed teams after winning the title are struggling to win another one ever since.

Was the difference between Sergio Perez and Kamui Kobayashi that significant, that the Mexican earned a two-year contract at one of the top teams, meanwhile the Japanese is not even worth occupying a race seat in Formula One?

Can the prestige of the sport stand losing drivers like Heikki Kovalainen and Kamui Kobayashi after last years Adrian Sutil, Nick Heidfeld and Jaime Alguersuari?

Will Eric Bouiiler protege Romain Grosjean earn a contract extension despite his inconsitency cost Lotus the 3rd (maybe 2nd) place in constructors and thus a tremendous amount of money, or will the above mentioned safer pairs of hands take on a Lotus steering wheel alongside Kimi Räikkönen?

Will Valtteri Bottas be the driver that can deliver those results the 2012 Williams lineup could not extract from the potential of the car? Why is a talented rookie a better option than an experienced driver? Will Bruno Senna end up in his 4th different team in his 4th season thanks to his Brazilian sponsorhip support?

Did Charles Pic perform anything better than Timo Glocks previous two teammates at Marussia? Lucas di Grassi and Jerome d'Ambrosio (except for this years Italian Grand Prix) were only able to take up testing and reserve roles since their departure. Will Caterham be a step forward for the Frenchman, or is the team only interested in his deep pocket?

Will the budget-cap finally be introduced before the sport loses another private team after HRT or scares away potential new ones?

Have your say! I know you won't, but still...

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